Most students will be required to write essays about famous people. Sometimes, it could be a person who is famous for making a breakthrough in science with an invention or a singer, writer, or politician. In this article, you will see tips to guide you to write a Nelson Mandela essay. These hints will aid a quick and successful conclusion of the task at hand.

How to write a Nelson Mandela essay

  • Write a general introduction: you need to start by introducing Nelson Mandela. Write about who he is and what he is known for. It may be necessary to add why Mandela is worth writing about as well as how his life experience can help you to work harder to achieve your life goals. A good introduction should end with a thesis statement. This statement reflects what you intend to write in your body part.
  • Background: most students make the mistake of starting a part of the essay with a biography of the famous person. This biography is not necessary and plays no role in the essay. Any facts you include in the paper must have a motivation. Also, they need to show the obstacles that were overcome by Nelson Mandela as he made his way to fame and success. His marital affairs are not important, as this has nothing to do with the character.
  • Contribution: at this stage, you need to write about Nelson Mandela’s contribution to politics in South Africa during the apartheid era. You can also add some information about his activity and other famous people that were instrumental to his cause. You can also analyze any person in Mandela’s life that suffered from contributing to the movement.
  • Make it interesting: all famous people are human too, so expect them to have failures and everyday awkwardness. Search online for any funny fact about Nelson Mandela, add it. This could go a long way to making your essay more vivid. The readers will definitely not fall asleep when they have read some parts of the paper. Also, if you find any myth and legend which are connected with Mandela’s life, you can add these facts.
  • Be professional: whatever you choose to write about Mandela should be written in the required style accepted by your school. Where there are no strict rules, you can go ahead to write in a freestyle with some colloquial elements. Don’t use any slangs or abbreviations, it may not be specifically stated, but it is implied in most school papers.
  • Double-check your sources: when searching the internet for information, be sure to write down only factual information. Your stories must be true. You can find videos online that Mandela him spoke about his struggles and values; those may be your best bet.

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