Most students write scholarships when looking for financial support and grants and help them achieve their academic aspirations. It is no secret that not all students can afford the tuition and accommodation fees. So, learning institutions offer opportunities for students that are of poor backgrounds to fulfill their dreams. However, these scholarships are not just handed to anyone. The interested parties have to write an essay defending their position and explaining why they deserve the scholarship. The essay is a way for the scholarship committee to understand the students’ background and award the scholarship to the most deserving student. Now, Due to the large number of applications, you need to stand out from the rest of the students. We have compiled some of the things you need to do and avoid when writing a scholarship essay. 

What you should do:

  • Understand your audience

You need to get into the hearts of the scholarship committee by giving them what they require of you. You can start by researching what they consider as the ideal requirements and qualities of a candidate and how you can align yourself to these qualities. However, be careful not to overdo it, which may lead to you straying away from your personality. Provide all the information that will put you in the upper hand as the ideal candidate. 

  • Stick to the prompts and instructions

To understand what the scholarship committee needs, you need to read and understand the instructions carefully. Most students have the perfect qualities to b candidates, by they fail because of not following the instructions. Following the instruction is one of the ideal qualities that will give you a higher chance of being accepted.

  • Choose a topic you love

The topic you choose is most important since it will give you the flexibility to provide relevant information ad offer a personal touch. A well-articulated story with many details that the readers can connect to could have a positive impact on your application.

  • Talk about your ambitions and goals

Any person dishing out money would like to see or know the value of that cash. By talking about your ambitions and goal, it will convince the committee that they are putting the money into good use.  

  • Revise your essay

Proofreading is an essential part of writing your essay. An essay with many mistakes reflects on the lack of seriousness on the part of the writer. Revising your essay also makes it easy to read and understand. So, ensure that your essay is relevant, precise, and straightforward.

What you should not do:

  • Do not get sappy with your essay

Avoid writing your essay to look for sympathy. You should focus on using your low moments and struggles to display some growth in you. Let your perseverance and strength draw admiration from the scholarship committee. 

  • Avoid missing the deadlines

You will most likely miss your scholarship chance if you do not submit your essay on time. Ensure that you plan and have ample time to complete your scholarship essay. Allocate time to brainstorm on the topic ideas, the writing process, and the proofreading part. If anything, you could even stand better chances for submitting the essay earlier. 

  • Avoid recycling application essays

When writing a college essay, originality is crucial. The scholarship committee needs to see your struggle and identify it. There are many cases where students take college application essays and change a few words to suit them. It works for some students, but it is easy to identify original essays from copied ones on a professional outlook. Also, the energy and time you use reading and changing the content to make it relevant to you are enough to come up with your personal written and unique essay. 


Attaining academic goals is the dream of all students. However, the route to success is not the same. Some take a few years while others take very long. Some pay less, and others pay a huge amount to attain the same goal. Since the circumstances are not equal for all students, the college application essay comes in to balance the opportunity for those lacking the funds. If you are looking to earn yourself a college scholarship, heed the above tips, and you will find success.

Education is the one thing you cannot afford to miss because of lack of finances. Take your chance today.

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