People always ask if the college admission committee finds the time of going through all the student’s applications letter. The reality is that they all do. They go through all the essays and can tell your character and personality through your statement.

A good college essay will never shadow your low grade and the poor performance you may have accumulated in your previous high school life. However, it doesn’t mean that the essay is less critical.

Students need to put in their best when writing the college essay. It is the only tool that distinguishes a more hardworking student from lazy and mediocre ones.

How do you ensure that you are producing a good college essay?

Select A Good Essay Topic

There are several topics you can choose and write your essay. A good piece will significantly depend on the choice of subject. You may read through others’ work and stories to know what you can write. The best thing is to identify areas that are within your knowledge and interests. Have a topic that will allow you to bring out your personality strengths. The admission committee should be able to see the unique contribution you will bring to their college.

Employ your creativity in electing an exciting topic. The admission committee will not be ready to spend time reading boring content. Your topic must be attention-grabbing.

Draft Your Essay

When drafting your content, ensure that you begin with an exciting paragraph that captures the reader’s attention. It would help if you made the reader imagine and see the situation or item you describe in your essay. Though an application essay is all about yourself, do not confuse the resume. Focus on a few characters that in line with what you are applying. By selecting on few personalities, you will thoroughly explain why those positive characters are essential concerning the position you are applying for.

Your choice of language is also essential in essay writing. The type of language you will use will have an impact on how people judge your personality. Ensure you write in a formal English language. Using informal language makes your application look silly, and people won’t take you seriously. You should also avoid using tricky words or terminologies that are hard to understand. An essay is not a language essay competition. The admission office is interested in learning your personality.

Describe your points with supporting evidence. Avoid throwing hanging statements that you are unable to prove. Use examples and real-life situations to the strong characters you are showing off.

Editing Your Essay

Once you are through with your essay, visit to get cheap help with editing your work. You may not be keen enough to produce a perfect document. Some mistakes are easily identifiable by a different person. Let another person go through your work with a marking pen highlighting different areas that need adjustments. Remove all the grammatical errors and typos to make your document clean. Ensure you have correct use of words, spellings among other grammatical issues. The best way of editing your work is by spending some time away from your work before embarking on it with fresh minds.


Your application essay is an essential aspect in the grand scheme of a college application. You should use the chance to sell out your best personalities. Never miss the application opportunity over a single thing you can work on.

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