To write an excellent comparative essay, you need to highlight all the differences and similarities between two ideas or things systematically. This article will reveal some tips on writing great comparative essays.

How To Write A Comparative Essay

This type of essay may be assigned to students at some point in college. The paper should be well written and free from errors. Before going into the details of how to write the essay, you should know the purpose of the essay.

The main goal of a comparative essay is to clearly throw more light on the differences and similarities of an item systematically, as mentioned earlier. A well written comparative essay will leave the reader with clarity about the properties and nature of the items which are being compared.

This essay is also important because it helps the reader to see the differences as well as similarities to make a decision.

Note that a comparative essay is not the same as an argumentative essay. The latter makes a case for one of the items being compared, while the former only highlights the differences to help readers choose.

Steps To Writing A Great Comparative Essay

  • Know the intention: after picking two items to compare, ask yourself why you chose the two. What made you think about selecting them? If your professor picked for you, ask yourself why he/she choose those two items. Knowing the reason for your choice provides some clarity as you write the essay. For instance, if you have to compare a cat or dog, you should know why you are doing so. Is it for the purpose of biology, or are you trying to convince pet owners about which is a better pet? The purpose, in this sense, determines your audience.
  • Build the outline: don’t just start writing abruptly. You need to have a plan first. You can easily become confused if you leave out an outline. An excellent outline is expected to identify the items in the thesis or introduction, use one of the main formats and provide the roadmap for you to follow through as you compare both items.
  • Write the essay systematically: your essay doesn’t need to be creative when it comes to writing style and organization. Your goal should be to compare the items place using different points. It should be done in a way that allows the reader to follow easily. For instance, if the essay has three main parameters, you can write one section on the first part on a single day and write the second the next day. Finish it up on the third day.

The main thing you need to do is make sure that you write all the comparisons in each parameter. It should also be done smoothly and logically so that your readers will not get confused. Don’t beat about the bush and stay in the basic format. You can also get writing help from a professional if you don’t have time to write the paper. The service is cheap and quick.

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