Writing an essay for college admission is not an easy task. Convince the college admission office that you are capable of the position. Your report must reflect your strength to show your personality. The entire process of producing a personal statement can be stressful and overwhelming. Don’t let the whole process tire you up. Read through this article and learn how it can get to write a good essay.

1st Step: Organize Yourself

The first step in essay writing is organizing yourself. You need to figure out what you need to do. Different universities have their way of writing, which differs across other institutions. Having in mind what to write helps you plan how you will package your content on paper.

  • Start in Time

The essay writing process takes more time. You will need to spend dozens of hours struggling to polish a single Personal statement essay. To avoid last minutes’ rush, start your essay writing process as early as two months before the deadline. Last-minute rushes will make you produce low-quality work or even end up with an unfinished essay.

  • Determine The Exact Thing You Need to Do

Every college has it set of instructions concerning students essay. Go through their set of instructions and find out what they need from the student essay. Generate a table with all the colleges with their names. They have different columns of their word limits and the deadline for application, including the prompt you need to make your response.

  • Determine Where to Begin

Go through all your essay requirements and determine what you to come first. If you have many colleges to choose from, start with the one with a close deadline. You may also begin with your college of the best choice. Longer personal statement statements should come before shorter ones. Longer words tend to take longer time than shorter ones. It makes you gain some ideas on handling short essays.

Look at the similarities in the says. Some schools may have the same essay instruction and requirements. In such cases, you can submit the same essay to different schools and save the application time. Be keen on your application and avoid any use of the same assay on a different prompt.

2nd Step: Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an essential step in essay writing. It is a stage where you generate new ideas. During brainstorming, spend enough time selecting a good topic to write a good essay.

3rd Step: Narrowing Your List to Select the Best Topic

After brainstorming and coming up with a list of topics you need to deal with, narrow down your list to select the best case to handle.

4th Step: Determine Your Writing Approach

Once you decide on the topic, you must turn it into an essay. Select the best strategy to use in turning your ideas into a report. Find out about your focus area, determine what you would like to express about yourself, and develop a structure.

5th Step: Writing Your Draft

Different people have different ways of writing their drafts. Some will prefer having a full essay draft from the beginning to the end, while others may need to do it bit by bit. You may choose the most convenient way of writing your essay and work with it.

6th Step: Editing Your Draft

You can’t produce a perfect draft from the first writing. You need to go through your work and make any typos and grammatical errors.

7th Step: Crosschecking Everything

After finalizing the final draft, give yourself a time out of the document. Come back with fresh minds and read through your essay. At this point, you will be ensuring each sentence is clear with good structure.  Clean all the errors in the document to make it free from any typos or grammatical issues. You may need a third party to help you identify your draft mistakes before making a final submission.


Now that you have the tips on the steps, you need to go through a good essay and try making your sample draft. There are also other resources on the internet to supplement this content.

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